Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deep Connection

'People may come and go in our lives, but with some we share a deep connection and bond. We know their support is constant and unconditional. And just as they are there for us, so we are there for them. When our heart centres are open and energy flows between two friends, we feel the spark of a kindred spirit. We feel the need to find others with whom we can be completely authentic, with whom we can communicate in confidence: share our secrets, even our shame and our fears. They provide validation and are one of our front-line defences during difficult periods. When you connect with someone on a level of deep trust, you have created a support system, a place of safety - and someone to have fun with, too! Life changes and friendships evolve, but the friend who is genuine is a constant in your life.

Our world is, in a sense, framed by the friends we choose. No friend will ever be completely perfect, but then of course neither are we! However, sometimes we find ourselves with friend who takes from us without giving back, who depletes our energy and holds us back from fulfilling our potential. Avoid negative energy, and when your instincts prompt you to pull back from a partcular friendship, follow your heart and do so.

As you follow a path of increasing awareness, you may realize that some of your old friends don't suit you anymore - they may seem petty, or superficial. One of my students asked me about this recently. She was worried because she didn't want to go out drinking with her friends anymore, or to waste time talking about rubbish. But when you're growing, that's what happens: it's like shedding an old skin. Sometimes it's just temporary, while you make your transition. While you're still learning, you're so excited by the changes in yourself you want to shake people and say, "Look! There is another way!" So you go preaching to everyone, and they think, "Oh, she's gone a bit weird." Suddenly you don't seem fit in with your old friends. But keep up your learning, and you'll get to a point where you no longer feel you have to preach. You're calm, more content. You don't try to convince people of anything, yet they start saying, "You look great! What have you been doing?" And when you tell them, some of them will say. "Oh, I want that!"

While you're making changes in your life, it's great to be with people who are on the same level as you, going through the same transition. The close friends we've been discussing don't come along every day. But when your heart is open, you will be able to recognize and welcome the possibilities of these new, deeper connections. You will be able to trust the promptings of your heart and recognize a new soul-sister or soul-brother!'

(Written by Maya Fiennes) 

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