Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bedah Buku: Novel 'The Sky Is Crazy' tulisan Yvonne Lee

Bab 1: Put That Darn Belt On

Halaman 20-21: 'More often than not, passengers assume that seatbelts are for take-off and landing only. They forget that a plane is not too different from a moving car, only the  plane is 35 000 feet up in the air.'

Bab 2: For A Safe Journey

Halaman 24: 'At that point, in-flight safety demonstrations had to be done live (which is still performed on smaller planes) by the cabin crew. .... 'The job was to show how seatbelts should be fastened, oxygen masks donned and lifejackets worn in the event of an emergency. We 'safety drill demonstrators' would be the same people who later sang out the 'chicken-or-beef-sir!' rhapsody while slinging dinner trays to passengers.

Bab 3: Sleepy Mistakes

Halaman 34: 'Hence, on every flight, once the cabin crew hears the instruction to 'arm and cross check all doors', they immediately drop everything and rush to their respective doors to 'arm and cross check' the door correctly.

Bab 4: The Deal With The Meal

Halaman 41: 'Some of the meal orders comprise vegetarian meals with subvariants like special vegan meal, Chinese non-garlic/onion vegetarian, Indian vegetarian, high bean protein vegetarian, gluten-free vegetarian and non-dairy vegetarian. I have not even started on the 'free' series. These are the lactose-free, MSG-free, sugar-free and salt-free meals. Then there are the 'low' variants: low-fat, low-calorie, low-cholesterol and low-sodium meals. Also the kosher, fruits only, diabetic, baby and child meals.'

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