Friday, September 26, 2014

How Hard Can We Push Our Children To Excel (Renee Stone, Principal of Morris Allen English)

Studies have shown that when our children are younger, parents spend a lot more time encouraging them rather than critiquing and pushing them beyond what they are capable of. It is of paramount importance that this support and encouragement continues through upper primary and secondary levels. Once children feel supported, they will take greater ownership over their own learning and want to excel and achieve good results.

In order to help children reach their full potential, it is important we:
*Encourage children's love of learning so as to focus on the process of learning and not solely on the end product - the examination.
*Show genuine interest in our children's learning. Always highlight things that our children do well and discuss ways to work together to overcome challenges and attain our children's goals.
*Ask our children questions on how they feel about what they are learning and discuss ways to further explore study topics together.

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